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Boom is a one-stop-solution for

all your e-commerce requirements.

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Who is Boom for?


Traditional brands looking to expand to e-commerce


Young start-ups that want to enter e-commerce


 Brands with single product offerings


What does Boom do for you?

Boom takes a 3 pronged approach to your brand's development, supported by a performance oriented

team that has built multiple online businesses. ​


Our powerful

3 pronged


Branding &


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Crafting a

Winning  Digital Strategy


Crafting a

Winning Digital Strategy




Deliver and sustain positive change

  • Invest in new innovations and capabilities  

  • Build a new ecosystem of partnerships





Deliver the perfect online sales experience

  • How digital merges with your brand's strategy (vs. the brand's digital strategy)

  • Create content vs. Just tell stories

Choose where to focus

  • Understand and prioritize consumers and your SKU portfolio

  • Create a seamless online and offline experience

Discover category truths about the digital space

  • Impact of digital

  • Profit pool shifts


E-commerce Scale-up

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Your own E-Commerce Portal

Creation of a fully-optimised ecommerce platform.


Planning, recommendation of platforms & development.




Integration Platform
• Payment
• Logistics


Setting SOPs

Third Party E-Commerce


Enhancing existing platforms

& set SOPs.


Planning, recommending and managing additional platforms (Amazon, Flipkart, big basket, etc.)


Demand Generation. 


Creating and managing all SKU combinations.


Channel specific optimisation
• Brand pages
• Advertising

Development Operations


Managing execution partners on a regular basis, to achieve assigned objectives.


Creating briefing documents for execution partners.


Process Management
• Developing guidelines
• Ensuring SOPs for timely delivery
• Measuring success

Branding & Marketing

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Marketing Strategy 

  • Marketing budget

  • Targeted deployment of resources

Management of ‘marketing’
and media 

Digital Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Advertising

  • Influencer marketing

  • Bidding Strategy

  • Keyword shortlisting

  • Content Planning

  • Placements

Managing and coordinating of creative development

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The boom effect!

From creating a premium e-commerce portal and strategised marketplace management to complete digital marketing and social media management solutions, Boom has helped timios become the No. 1 kids’ food brand in the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions (E-Commerce)


1. I have been running my business for 20 years. How do I get into E-commerce and take my business online?


E-commerce is growing at an extremely fast pace and the situation created by Covid-19 is pushing more and more consumers to shop online. That's why this is the time to kickoff the next phase of your operations by commencing online sales. Specialised consultants can help you set up and manage your online business and guide you through the entire process.


2. I want to start selling online? Should I use third party platforms like Amazon and Flipkart or should I create my own website/portal?


The answer to this question depends on the product category you're in. In general, it is a good idea to start selling products on a third party marketplace and gradually build your own portal over time. It's best to execute sales through a mix of your own website and third party websites, this way you can showcase your entire range of products to the consumer. Keep in mind that margins will always be much better on your own website.


3. How long will it take to set up my online business?


If all the required paperwork is in order, your online business can be fully operational in less than 2 weeks. For your business to pick up and give you a steady influx of orders, it could take anywhere between 3-6 months.


4. How can I make my online business a success?


To ensure that your online business is successful, there are three basic steps that need to be executed;


a) Proper Listing and Optimisation: It is not enough for you to simply list your products on third party marketplace platforms, your products also need to appeal to the right customers. This requires good photos of products, proper descriptions and the creation of brand pages. The content you use should also be optimised with trending keywords to increase searchability. 


b) Appropriate Social Media messaging: Today, Social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube etc) plays a huge role in influencing customers towards associating with certain brands. It is important to understand where your audience is and create appropriate messages to address that audience. Social media is also a useful, low-cost medium to convey your brand’s message.


c) Strategic Digital Marketing: Apart from Social media, it is also important to advertise your brand in certain specific digital portals. The advantage of online (digital) advertising is the opportunity to target the right consumer, based on the availability of data. Investments into digital marketing are very low, and also very effective.


5. I already have an e-commerce presence. How do I improve my seller ratings?


Communication is the key. In online media, it is very easy for people to complain and give negative feedback about brands. Improving your seller rating depends on multiple factors; you must live up to the promise of your products and delivery details, provide accurate product information and address consumer queries with quick and meaningful responses. 

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Let's set up a meeting!   

To learn more, get in touch with


Vipin @ 98451 30606 


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